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Sterilization Center
Envy Nail Bar is one of the only spas in town to implement a sterilization center that has been developed with the strictest standards. All metal implements used during treatment, including nippers, clippers, and metal pushers are then sterilized in our state-of-the-art autoclave.
Disposable Applications
The equipment in our spa that is not easily capable of being sterilized that have the potential to become contaminated, such as sand bits, files, foot files, and wax applications are designated for one-time use.
Spa Pedicure Stations
Our spa pedicure stations are pip-free and thorough cleaned each guest. We circulate an EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfection solution and deep cleansing detergent throughout the water lines of our spa chairs in between guest in order to clean the internal components. The filter is cleaned daily and the station is soaked overnight with a beach and with a deep-cleansing agent once a week.
Our Services
Maximize your appearance and protect your personal style with our professional quality manicures and pedicures promoting healthy hands, feet, and nails. Envy Nail Bar uses the highest quality professional spa products.