Young Royals Manicure  

Bring in your kids for a manicure treatment with all the nipping and trimming! Our nail artist is always excited to doll up your kid's nails.

Spa Manicure  

The Spa Manicure begins with a gentle cleansing and a revitalizing soak. Cuticles are gently removed and moisturized. Hands and forearms are then massaged with an exfoliating and penetrating moisture serum. After cleansing a facial quality moisturizer is applied to defend against the visible signs of aging and restore elasticity to the skin. Nails are then cleaned polished and finished.

Deluxe Manicure  

Start with a therapeutic warm soak with sea Figg to soften skin and cuticle. Exfoliate with Awaken Sea Scrub, sloughing away surface cells, producing brighter, healthier-looking skin. We'll apple Essential Oil Blend massage, wrapping each hard in hot towels. Includes nail shaping, budding, cuticle care, and your choice of polish.

Milk & Honey Manicure  

Hands are soaked in warm milk to soften skin. Then exfoliated with moisturizing milk and honey sea sales. After nails are shaped and groomed, enjoy a dewy massage with milk and honey.

Almond Manicure  

Nourish milk soak infused with sweet almond and jojoba oils and vitamin E, skin conditioning exfoliate of mineral salts, purified sugar, sweet almond, and jojoba oils, cuticles care, nail clipping and shaping, deep conditioning almond masque infused with sweet almond and jojoba oils and vitamin E penetrated with heat, sealed with soothing almond hand creme, followed by choice of polish.

Acrylic Nails

Designed to strengthen and lengthen natural nails. Bi-weekly refills are recommended.


Full Set  

French Tip  

American Tip  

Solar Nails

For an elegant finish natural fashionable look, try permanently. French or American tips. Refills are recommended bi-weekly.

Full Set (Pink & White/American)  

Refill White/American  

Refill Pink  

Cisported Other Colors  


SNS Nail Dip  

A'la Carte

Nail Designs  


Polish Change  

Toe Nail Polish Change  

Paraffin Treatment  

French or American Manicure  

Nail Removal  

Voesh Collagen Gloves  

Quench and restore. Reverse the sign of aging. Enriched with Collagen and Shea Butter, ultra-nutritious moisturizer penetrates quickly to protect, nourish, and moisturize hands. Shea butter, argan oil, and vegetable oil blended with collagen to ultimately created effective skin care. The gloves are made with dual layer biodegradable material which provides 99% UV protection. 


Young Royals Pedicure  

A relaxing treatment for kids who want a spa treatment with all the nipping and trimming. Includes the foot soak!

Spa Pedicure  

A relaxing treatment with nipping and trimming. Chill out with a foot soak. Includes lotion massage, hot towel wrap, and cooling gel.

Spa Callus Pedicure  

Suffering from dry, chapped, and callused skin, relief is right here with our therapeutic pedicure designed to bring back to the beauty. Sea rock soak, tea tree oil. Sea scrub follows providing unequaled to exfoliation for dry, rough skin on the soles of your feet. We'll repair and smooth ever the toughest of callouses, culminated by a cooling masque and hot towels. 

Milk & Honey Pedicure  

Soothing milk protein and organic honey extract soak and moisturizing milk & honey sea salt exfoliate. Includes cuticle care, nail clipping, and shaping, and dry skin removal, hydrating milk & honey better blend, followed by choice of polish and paraffin wax.

OPI Almond Pedicure  

Bathe your feet in the relaxing, bubbling water with almond fragment sea salt, as an intense exfoliate almond extract scrub enriched with vitamins to remove dry skin cells. An almond mask wrapped with hot towel precedes therapeutic massage with almond lotion, finishing with deep paraffin wax, making your skin soft and smooth. Includes hot rocks.

Cucumber Pedicure  

Complete with a foot soak, cuticle and callus removal. Natural sugar and crystal scrub plus cucumber and antioxidant pineapple extracts will help and smooth out dry skin. Massage with cucumber and pineapple moisturizing lotion (an intensive complex ointment that aids in the repair of dry and cracked skin). Finishing with a paraffin dip. Includes hot rocks.

Organic Pedicure  

Enjoy a custom blend of freshness from our menu of the herb for a relaxing and sensory experience. This service includes refreshing hands and/or feet soak, nail and cuticle care exfoliating, callus removal, hot towels a d finishing with hot stone massage and paraffin wax. This Herbal Spa is sure to awaken your senses. Includes 7 scents: lavender, lemongrass, milk, and honey, green tea, white radiance, lemongrass and mint, and pomegranate.

Aroma Pedicure  

Essential oils that are inhaled into the lines are believed to offer both psychological and physical benefits: not only does the aroma of the natural essential oil stimulate the brain to trigger a reaction, but the natural constituents of the natural essential oil stimulate the brain to trigger a reaction, but the natural constituents of the essential oil are drawn into the lungs and can also supply physical benefits. This service includes refreshing hands and/or feet soak, nail and cuticle care, exfoliating, and callus removal. Includes paraffin wax and rocks massage.

Pearl Spa Pedicure  

A pedicure with beautiful jewels from the deep sea. Pearl Powder is a beauty and health secret used for 1000's of years in Asia Authentic Pearl Powder contains 31% Calcium and 56% Protein as well as an assortment of amino acids. This is believed by some to be good for bone development and to promote healthy lustrous skin. Includes paraffin wax and hot rocks massage, hot towel wrap, and cooling gel

Pearl Powder absorbs oils & Impurities

Pearl Powder keeps skin clear & smooth leaving it with a sheer radiant glow.

Pearl Powder keeps skin clear & smooth, leaving it with a sheer radiant glow.

Pearl Powder filters the sun's rays.

Pearl Powder contains 20 among acids.

Pearl Powder contains a natural moisturizers.

Pearl Powder contains proteins which can help renew skin cells.


Volcano Spa Pedicure  

The Volcano Spa Pedicure is a luxurious 5 step pedicure kit, formulated to provide clients a premium pedicure experience...

Volcano Spa Pedicure includes five steps: detox volcano crystals, detox volcano activator, exfoliating sugar scrub, collagen organic massage lotion. Includes paraffin wax and hot rocks massage.

Jelly Pedicure  

Benefits of Jelly Pedicure are that the dense jelly mixture massage stressed muscle and acts as a gentle exfoliate. Jelly retains water naturally and combined with the fragrant oils in jelly pedi moisturizes and softens dry cracked skin. Includes paraffin wax and hot rocks massage. 

Hair Removal




Full Face  

Full Arm  

Under Arm  

Half Leg  

Full Leg  






Eyelash Extension (Individuals)  


Shellac French  

Shellac Color  


Soft Drink, wire & water